American Parking was founded in 1969, and has experienced steady growth every year since. With over 75 parking locations in Oklahoma and Texas, American Parking is selective in its growth, choosing only locations that are consistent with our demand for quality.

American Parking has been the designated operator for the Tulsa Parking Authority at Main Park Plaza in Tulsa, Oklahoma since the garage was constructed in 1974. In 1990, the Tulsa Parking Authority again selected our company as the operator to serve the City Hall and Tulsa Civic Center complex. In 2004, we were again awarded the operations of the new 100 West Parking garage in Tulsa, which contains over 1,100 spaces.

American Parking’s subsidiary, Metropolitan Parking, is based in Austin, TX.


American Parking is a premier provider of parking management services to both the public and private landowner. Our expertise also extends to shuttle services and valet services.

American Parking has four decades of experience serving the parking needs of the city of Tulsa.


How do I find a parking rate for a specific location?

Our rates differ, depending on the city and location. You will need to contact your local American Parking Office regarding rates at specific locations. You may also see our locations by visiting our Locations page.

Can a monthly parking agreement be used in multiple locations?

No, a monthly parking agreement is a contract with a specific location and cannot be transferred.

How do I find employment with American Parking?

For city specific employment opportunities please contact the American Parking in your area for information.

Who do I contact if I my access card is not active?

You will need to contact your local American Parking office.

Who do I contact if I need to pay a parking ticket?

You can pay online through Pay to Park Collections, or you can mail your ticket with payment to the address listed on your fee notice.

What are the advantages of paying online?

Safe and secure, no late fees, no checks, no stamps, no delays due to mail time and is always available.

Are there any restrictions or a convenience fee to pay online?

No. The online payment feature is free.

Can I cancel my Automatic (ACH) Payment online?

No. In order to cancel your ACH payments you must do the following:
1. Contact the local American Parking Office.
2. A thirty day notice is required to cancel your monthly parking ACH payment.

How can I sign up for parking at an American Parking Location?

First, determine which American Parking location is right for you by going to the Locations page. Then, you can either submit a Parking Request Form or contact your local American Parking Office.

What if I need assistance with my account?

You can contact Customer Service by calling your local American Parking Office. Calls are answered during normal business hours between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. CST Monday through Friday. Any calls received on weekends and holidays will be answered the next available business day.