South Garage

American Parking is providing notice of some upcoming improvements that will be made to the gated access control system at the South Garage. The improvements are scheduled to begin Monday, May 29th, and will take approximately two weeks to complete.

All monthly parkers will access the facility by use of your Oklahoma Turnpike Authority (OTA) pike pass windshield sticker, or the windshield sticker issued to you at the time you established a monthly parking account.

Daily parking customers will continue to pull a ticket from the entrance dispenser. The “pay-in-lane” exit station offers enhanced customer convenience through intuitive user guidance, QR barcode readers, a large touchscreen display, and a built-in call center function that allows for both 2-way audio and video communication with customer service, in the event assistance is needed. Exiting payments will be credit/ debit card only.

For validation accounts, American Parking will reach out to the individual tenant groups about accessing the cloud-based platform for validating customer’s parking. User’s will enter the ticket’s barcoded serial number into the online dashboard where the ticket will be fully or partially validated, dependent on prearranged terms made with American Parking. If a tenant group does not currently offer validations but would like to setup an account, please contact our office.


  • Will this affect my pike pass account, or will you need any personal information?

American Parking will not collect any personal information from your OTA account. The gated access control system utilizes the same radio frequency communication emitted from the OTA sticker to open the gates. If you do not want to use your OTA pike pass sticker, a separate “TPA” windshield sticker can be purchased from our office for $25.

  • Will a Texas or out of state pass allow me to access the garage?

Any pike pass sticker issued by an authority that can be used in Oklahoma, can also be used to access the garage. These include but may not be limited to: North Texas Tollway Authority, TxTag, Kansas Turnpike Authority.

  • How do I sign up for a pike pass if I do not want a TPA pass?  

American Parking is an authorized distributor of OTA pike pass stickers. To acquire an OTA sticker from our office, you will first need to visit to establish an account. OTA requires new accounts to credit the account with an initial minimum amount of $40 to be used on Oklahoma turnpikes. Once the account has been established, you may present the authorization to a member of our customer service department at our office where you may pick up an OTA sticker at no cost.

  • Will your TPA pass cost money?

Yes, the TPA windshield sticker can be purchased from our office for $25.

  • What if I have multiple cars, can I add them all to my parking account?

Yes, multiple vehicles can be added to your parking account under one driver. The gated access system uses a feature called “anti-passback” which will only allow one vehicle in the garage at a time.

  • What if I have a loaner vehicle for just a few days how to I get into the garage?

In the event you are in a loaner vehicle for a short period of time, you will need to call our office at 918-587-4141 to have your ticket validated prior to driving to the exit. Validations are handled through the cloud-based system and no longer require an ink stamp on the ticket.

American Parking will continue to provide additional updates as they come up. At no point should there be any period in which the garage will be inaccessible.  If you have any questions or comments about the improvements, please contact our office at 918.587.4141 or