Santa Fe Parking Garage Construction Updates


Santa Fe Parking Garage (SFPG) – Current Construction Update

The Ownership Group of the SFPG is committed to providing a clean and safe environment for its parking patrons as demonstrated by the ongoing improvements to the parking garage. These improvements are needed to preserve the life of this iconic OKC parking structure.


Upcoming Repairs to the Garage

The Santa Fe Parking Garage is currently undergoing various repair projects throughout the facility. While the following repairs may appear to be extensive and invasive, they are only mostly proactive in nature. The garage is regularly evaluated by a structural engineer to ensure safety to our patrons.


Summer and Fall of 2022

  • Replacement of new 4” cast iron piping and floor drains at various locations throughout the garage. (Minimal traffic impact – 3 week project)
  • Repair and resurface the driving deck on the north and south helical ramps (minor traffic impact – multi-day project to be scheduled on weekends and afterhours)
  • Overhead concrete deck repairs (intermediate traffic impact – 3 to 4 week project)
  • Expansion joint replacements on the roof (minimal traffic impact – 3 week project)


Recently Completed Projects

  • Replacement of parking access and control equipment
  • Complete LED lighting upgrade
  • Full replacement of center stairwell trends and risers
  • Replacement of stairwell doors and frames
  • Concrete walkway repairs and improved drainage at each level
  • Fire Department Connection (FDC) pipe replacement


Thank you for your patience.